Al3xis is a Discord bot developed with to moderate your Discord servers and make your Discord experience easier.

Al3xis has moderation, utility and math commands. We are currently working on supporting slash commands for all commands.

About Al3xis

Al3xis is an open source Discord bot that helps you manage your Discord server. You can create announcements, stop people from breaking rules, send messages through the bot, create reminders, get information about users, roles and servers, and more!

Check out the source on GitHub or join our Discord server for more information and support.

Al3xis' Terms of Use


  • 1. Have the right to blacklist users from using our service without notifying them when they violate our terms of use.
  • 2. Reserve the right not to notify or clarify the reasons for bans on our Discord server or blacklists of using the bot.
  • You may not:

  • 1. Use Al3xis if you are under the legal age to use Discord. If we discover you are not old enough to use Discord you will get blacklisted from our service and reported to Discord's Trust & Safety team.
  • 2. Do actions such as spamming commands/errors that get the bot rate-limited from the Discord's API. You will get blacklisted from using our bot if you do so.
  • 3. Use our commands report and suggest to report/suggest things not related to our bot. Off-topic suggestions and reports will first get you warned and if you continue doing actions not allowed after you were told to stop will get you blacklisted from using our bot.
  • Terms of Use was last updated on November 8, 2021.

    Al3xis' Privacy Policy

    What data do we store and why?
    When you find an unknown error using some of our commands, the bot will automatically send the report of that error to its developers with the message content and your Discord username.
    When you use our report command, the bot sends your report to our Discord server to wait for an Administrator to check your report. When an Administrator updates your report, you will receive a Direct Message explaining what happened to your report.
    When you use our suggest command, the bot sends your suggestion to our Discord server to wait for approval. If your suggestion gets accepted or denied, you will receive a Direct Message mentioning that your suggestion was accepted or denied.
    When you invite the bot to your server and when you remove it from it, the bot sends that report to our Discord server just for general reasons, we only do this to know how many users invite the bot to their servers. Only the owner of the bot has access to this data.
    We only log command usages to know how many commands were used in a certain period of time. Only the owner of the bot has access to this data.
    When you send a Direct Message to the bot, it will save your message and send it to our Discord server. Only the owner of the bot has access to this data.
    If you want us to delete your data, you have the right to send a Direct Messsage to our bot or directly to the owner of the bot.

    Privacy Policy was last updated on November 8, 2021.

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